What is a Covenant church?
A: Find out more about the Covenant church here: www.covchurch.org

2.What is worship like?
A. You’ll find a wide range of expression during the 70 minute worship service as we draw intentionally from the breadth of Christian traditions. While most of the music tends to come from current writers (Chris Tomlin, Jesus Culture, etc.) the musicians lead in songs coming from a more traditional background as well. Prayer is an important component of our worship as are messages or sermons centered in God’s Word. We celebrate monthly at the Lord’s Table.

3. What times are your services?
We celebrate together in one Community Worship service on Sundays at 10:00 am. For more information visit the church calendar page here.

4. How do people dress?
The majority of people dress in true Colorado style, casual. On any given Sunday you’ll find anything from t-shirts and shorts, to jeans, polos and business casual.

5. Where do I take my kids?
We have Nursery/Toddler care (infants through 3 years old) on the main level to the left of the Welcome Center, with a drop off counter where parents sign in their children. For each child, a parent receives a matching tag that is used for verification at pick up. Children will be released only to the registered parents.

6. What about my older children?
The older children (PreK-5th grade) begin in Community Worship and then are dismissed to their classes, which meet on the upper level, grouped by grades. Parents check in children upon arrival at the KIDScene desk in the foyer to the left of the Welcome Center. Plan to come a bit before service to check in your children, and enjoy worship together. Teachers and leaders will accompany children to their classrooms, where parents will pick them up following service. 

7. Do you have anyone in their 20’s?
Yes! We have a number of people in their 20s who come for worship.

8. Where is the Worship service once I go through the front doors?
As soon as you step into the main entrance you are in the Welcome Center. Look to your right and you will see the Worship Center. Enter through one of the side doors or under the large open garage door.

9. If the church only made up of families?
You will find families – both two and single parents, young adults, teens, seniors, middle age, white collar, blue collar, students, various racial backgrounds and more at Castle Oaks. There is not a person you need to be to be welcomed here.

10. How long is the service?
Typically an hour and 10 minutes.

11. Are disabled people welcome?
Absolutely. From the bathrooms to the elevators, Castle Oaks is equipped to facilitate those who are special needs, including parking at the front door. You are welcome here!